Rewarding excellence in ladies polo

The British Ladies Championships at Cowdray Park offers some impressive bounty for the finalists – as well as the trophies for the winners, and best playing pony prizes, there are also prizes for best retrained racehorse (sponsored by Lycetts) in both the 18 and the 12, and for best horsemanship in both levels, sponsored by PoloLine, PQ, Royal Salute and Husk.

Husk boots on offer to the best horsemanship (photo by Sorrell Penman)

To be eligible to win the best retrained racehorse prize, any ex racehorses MUST be registered with ROR – this is quick and easy to do. The teams/players must also submit (to the club) the names of any RORs they will be playing in the finals. If no one knows they are there, they can’t win!
Register your ex racehorse here:

Heloise Wilson-Smith playing her thoroughbred “Martini” (photo by Mark Beaumont)

The horsemanship prize rewards tidy, harmonious and empathetic riding – an element of polo that contributes hugely to the happiness and welfare of the ponies. Husk’s CEO Louise Butcher says “the Horsemanship prize is in perfect alignment with #HUSK, that is promoting the liberation of horse performance by valuing the horse’s needs through sympathetic, intuitive and respectful riding, an equal partnership between horse and rider.”

Cowdray manager Chris Bethell explains how horsemanship and RORs go hand-in-hand: “Horsemanship is very important as it enables players to get the best out of their horses, handle more challenging horses and produce young horses to a high standard. This helps them to improve their ability to play the game and become as well mounted as possible”

Chris Bethell (photo by Clive Bennett)


The finals for both levels will be on Saturday 20th July on Lawns 1, the day before the final of the Gold Cup. There will be entertainment, shopping and of course the incredible backdrop of the castle ruins. For information on the tournament, click here.