The Women’s Pacific Coast Open kicked off on Friday at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, in the United States. Following the successful fourth edition of the Victrix Ludorum Tour in England, a series composed of seven tournaments for teams up to 18 goals, it is wonderful to see the ladies circuit continue around the world, particularly given the challenging year it has been. 


Four teams, up to 18 goals, are competing in the Women’s Pacific Coast Open. The finals are set for Sunday.


Friday’s Results: 


La Herradura 6-5 Dundas

Timing 7-3 PoloGear Coffee Company



La Herradura: Suzette Yamani 0, Meghan Gracida 3, Izzy Parsons 8, Dayelle Faregy 6.

Timing: Nicole Ball 1, Mia Bray 5, Sofia Lorenzo 5, Mia Novillo Astrada 7.

Dundas: Sarah Magness 2, Sophie Grant 4, Erica Gandomcar 5, Hope Arellano 7.

PoloGear Coffee Company: Dawn Jones 6, Kendall Plank 4, Cory Williams 4, Pamela Flanagan 4.


The Women’s Pacific Coast Open final is set for Sunday:

1pm, Consolation Final: Dundas vs. PoloGear Coffee Company

3pm, USPA Women’s Pacific Coast Open Final: La Herradura vs. Timing