The quarter finals of the USPA Gold Cup came to an end on Saturday March 18, at the the USPA-owned National Polo Center-Wellington, set in Wellington, Florida. Scone and Park Place were victorious over La Fe and La Elina, respectively, and claimed the two remaining spots for the semifinals of the second leg of the prestigious The Gauntlet of Polo. The USPA Gold Cup sees thirteen teams up to 22 goals, in participation.


In the opening match, Scone, with Tomás Panelo subbing in for Pelón Stirling, defeated La Fe 13-9. Up next, Park Place dominated the match and the score until the fifth chukka; by the start of the last chukka, La Elina were three goals behind, but they bounced back and outscored Park Place 3-1. But the damage was already done, and at the end of the day, it was Andrey Borodin’s linup who managed to to claim a narrow 12-11 win and the ticket to semifinals.


The USPA Gold Cup was established in 1974, and was played at Oak Brook Polo Club, in Oak Brooks, Illinois, before moving to Milwaukee Polo Club, in Hartland, Wisconsin through 1975-1978. In 1979, it landed in Florida. Like the CV Whitney Cup, the USPA Gold Cup will be entirely played at the at the brand new USPA-owned National Polo Center-Wellington, set in Wellington, Florida.




Scone: David Paradice 0, Poroto Cambiaso 9 (6 goals), Pelon Stirling 9*, Cody Ellis 4 (3). Total: 22.

*Subbed in by Tomás Panelo, 8 (3 goals)

La Fe: Louis Devaleix 1, Lucas Diaz Alberdi 6, Francisco Elizalde 9 (9 goals), Robi Bilbao 6. Total: 22.

Score Scone: (1-0) 3-1, 4-4, 7-4, 8-7, 10-8, 13-9.

Umpires: Martín Pascual & Jamie Mirikitani.          Third man: Kimo Huddleston.


Park Place: Andrey Borodin 0, Juan Britos 9 (4 goals), Hilario Ulloa 10 (7), Jason Wates, 3 (1). Total: 22.

La Elina: Jared Zenni 6 (8 goals), Jeff Hall 6, Matt Coppola 5 (1), Nico Escobar 5 (2). Total: 22.

Score Park Place: 3-1, 7-1, 8-2, 8-5, 11-8, 12-11.

Umpires: Ronnie Hayes & Steve Dalton.               Third man: Héctor Galindo.



USPA Gold Cup – Quarter Finals #2


The semifinals of the USPA Gold Cup are set to be played on Wednesday March 22, with the following order of play: 

  • 10 AM – Scone vs Dutta Corp. Show+
  • 2 PM – Pilot vs Park Place


The final of the USPA Gold Cup is set to be played on Sunday March 26.


USPA Gold Cup – Fixture & Teams