On Monday, the United States Polo Association (USPA) announced the 2020 Outdoor Handicap Changes.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this season came to an end earlier than expected.

These are the most notable changes:


From 8 to 9:

Barto Castagnola, Diego Cavanagh & Rodrigo Andrade. (All effective Jan. 1st 2021).

From 7 to 8:

Camilo Castagnola.  (Effective Jan. 1st 2021).

From 5 to 6:

Pedro Falabella (Effective Jun. 1st 2020) & Tolito Fernández Ocampo (Effective Jan. 1st 2021).

From 4 to 5:

Poroto Cambiaso (Effective Jun. 1st 2020). Luis Escobar, Gonzalo Ferrari, Santiago Gómez Romero & Francisco Rodríguez Mera (Effective Jan. 1st 2021).


For the full listing of 2020 Outdoor Handicap changes, click HERE. 


The USPA states:


Per the USPA Handicap Policy if you have a question or concern regarding your handicap change and would like to have the Handicap Committee review it, please email handicaps@uspolo.org within the two week review period. The deadline for review requests will be Tuesday, May 19.