The prestigious Cámara de Diputados Cup (informally known as the Cámara) continued on Friday at the AAP grounds in Pilar. Sixteen teams, up to 29 goals, are in competition: the five teams that did not qualify for the Argentine Open, and the 11 that played the Municipalidad del Pilar Cup.


The final of the Cámara is scheduled for Friday, December 13, the day before the 126th Argentine Open final. The sixteen teams are divided into 4 zones; the winner of each will qualify for the semifinals.



Los Machitos 12-9 Pilarchico

La Dolfina III 9-8 La Irenita Sampacho

El Trébol Km. 90 10-8 La Cañada La Dolfina

Sol de Agosto Alegría 16-7 La Irenita Martindale


The Cámara de Diputados Cup will continue with the last matchday of the qualy stage:

Monday, December 2nd:

2pm: Power Horse vs Trenque Lauquen Don Juan

2pm: La Aguada Blackhound vs La Irenita II

4pm: La Esquina vs La Cañada*

4pm: Chapaleufú La Querencia vs Chapa Uno*

Tuesday, December 3rd:

2pm: Pilarchico vs La Cañada La Dolfina

2pm: La Irenita Martindale vs La Irenita Sampacho

4pm: Los Machitos vs El Trébol Km. 90*

4pm: Sol de Agosto Alegría vs La Dolfina III*


*The winner will qualify to the semifinals of the Cámara de Diputados Cup, scheduled to be played on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th.