BTA, Copperline Farm, Tonkawa and 90210 Polo are through the semifinals of the Outback Cup, following the last league games that took place on Friday March 29 and Saturday March 30, at Patagones Polo Club, in Wellington, Florida, United States. Previously known as the Outback Invitational, the contest was played at Patagones for the first time in 2022, as a part of the Wellington Polo Tour. The Outback Cup is the fourth qualifying stage of a series of tournaments – Joe Barry Memorial Cup, Ylvisaker Cup and Iglehart Cup, and will culminate in the NPC 16-Goal Championship, on April 14, at the National Polo Center.


It’s worth to notice that the winners of the three previous legs were Forbes Plunkett (Joe Barry Memorial Cup), Clearwater (Ylvisaker Cup) and BTA (Iglehart Cup), with each winning team moving on to the final event. Should a team win more than one qualifier, that team will automatically advance to the NPC 16-Goal Championship final.


The Outback Cup sees ten teams up to 16 goals, split in three leagues, in participation.



Friday March 29

Tonkawa 11-10 90210 Polo

BTA 11-9 Clearwater

Saturday March 30

Pilot 12-9 La Fe/Dazos

Copperline Farm 11-10 Meyer Ranch

Senvest 10-9 Flying H


The Outback Cup will resume on Wednesday April 3, with the semifinals, due at the USPA-owned National Polo Center, and the final will take place on Saturday April 6, at Patagones Polo Club.



(US Local time)

11am: BTA vs. Copperline Farm

5pm: Tonkawa vs. 90210 Polo


Outback Cup – Teams & Fixture


Cover photo by Agustina Fonda.