The Tanoira Cup is in full swing at Cuatro Vientos, in General Rodríguez. This is a particularly special edition, as the tournament celebrates its fifteenth year. The competition sees twelve 14 goal teams partake. The final scheduled for Thursday, November 28.


The semifinals took place on Tuesday:


Semifinals Tanoira Cup

Alazanas Foxi 10-7 El Milagro

BN Polo Team 10-9 El Cabure


Semifinals Cuatro Vientos Cup

Las Palmeras 6-7 Nautor’s Swan

Amanara 7-3 La Esperanza-Pingüinos 


Semifinals Roque Marull Cup

Cassiopeia 9-7 La Maroma

El Medio Polo Team 8-5 Nuestra Tierra 


The Tanoira Cup will come to an end on Thursday, November 28th, with the following order of play:


5pm, Final: Alazanas Foxi vs BN Polo Team 

10am, Third Place: El Cabure vs El Milagro



3pm, Final: Amanara vs Nautor’s Swan

2pm, Third Place: Las Palmeras vs La Esperanza-Pingüinos 



1pm, Final: Cassiopeia vs El Medio Polo Team

11am, Third Place: Nuestra Tierra vs La Maroma


TANOIRA CUP: Fixture & Teams