The draw for the King Power Gold Cup took place on Monday at Cowdray House, in West Sussex, England. The prestigious tournament is set to kick off on Thursday, June 26th, with the final due on Sunday, July 22nd. A total of twelve 22-goal teams will compete in the event – two more than last year.

King Power Foxes, champions of the last three editions of the Gold Cup, will not be playing the tournament; however, the company is supporting the current tournament as main sponsor.

Two teams have joined the high goal that were not in the Queen’s Cup (ALFI Investments and Murus Sanctus), one has stepped down (Clinova) and another has change patron and name (Harald Link and Thai Polo replace Max Gottschalk and Les Lions).

The King Power Gold Cup opens on Tuesday 26 June with Quarter Finals on 14/15 July, Semi Finals on 18 July and the Final on 22 July. Full fixture to be announced soon.

The teams have been divided into the following groups:

•Park Place: Andrey Borodin 0, Hilario Ulloa 10, Juan Britos 7, Tommy Beresford 5. Total: 22.
•Talandracas: Edouard Carmignac 0, Francisco Elizalde 8, Julián de Lusarreta 7, Alejandro Muzzio 7. Total: 22.
•RH Polo: Ben Soleimani 0, Rodrigo Andrade 8, Sapo Caset 9, Mín Podestá 5. Total: 22.

•La Bamba de Areco: Jean Francois Decaux 0, Pelon Stirling 9, Juan Martín Nero 10, Byron Watson 3. Total: 22.
•Monterosso: Alessandro Bazzoni 0, Cubi Toccalino 8, Santiago Toccalino 8, Juan M. Zubía 6. Total: 22.
•Murus Sanctus: Corinne Ricard 0, Facundo Sola 8, Gonzalito Pieres 10, Ed Hitchman 4. Total: 22.

•Valiente: Bob Jornayvaz 1, Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Magoo Laprida 7, Hugo Lewis 4. Total: 22.
•ALFI Investments: Alshair Fiyaz 0, Polito Pieres 9, Nicolás Pieres 9, Jack Hyde 4. Total: 21.
•Thai Polo: Harald Link 0, Guillermo Terrera 8, Joaquín Pittaluga 7, Jaime García Huidobro 7. Total: 22.

•La Indiana: Michael Bickford 1, Facundo Pieres 10, Nic Roldan 7, Alec White 4. Total: 22.
•Emlor: Spencer Mc Carthy 0, Tincho Merlos 9, Diego Cavanagh 8, Nacho González 5. Total: 22.
•El Remanso: Charlie Hanbury 4, Ollie Cudmore 6, James Beim 6, James Harper 6. Total: 22.