Tamera took a 14-10 win over Beverly Polo (who received two goals on handicap) as the 18-goal Ylvisaker Cup continued on Tuesday, January 26, at International Polo Club Palm Beach.

Diego Cavanagh scored three goals in the first chukka to tie the match 3-all, but from the second chukka onwards, Tamera took off. Led by Cavanagh and Lucas Escobar, they secured a 8-6 lead by half time. Tamera dominated in the following chukkas, making it into the sixth with a comfortable 13-9 advantage. While Tolito Fernández Ocampo scored for Beverly Polo in the last, youngster Lucas Escobar scored again to secure Tamera’s victory.

Score Tamera: 3-3, 6-5, 8-6, 10-6, 13-9, 14-10.

Tamera: Alejandro Poma 1 (1 goal), Lucas Escobar 3 (5), Diego Cavanagh 9 (6), Luis Escobar 5 (2). Total: 18.

Beverly Polo: Bill Ballhaus 0, Peke Gonzalez 6* (2), Tolito Fernández Ocampo 6  (1), Hilario Figueras 4 (5). Total: 16. (*replaces an injured Lucas Díaz Alberdi 6)


Photo credits: AGUSTINA FONDA

Tamera vs Beverly Polo


The Ylvisaker Cup resumes on Saturday, January 30, with a match between Beverly Polo and Palm Beach Equine, at 3pm.

The Ylvisaker Cup finals are set for Sunday, February 7.


Aspen: Keko Magrini 2, Ignacio Alberbode 5, Lucas James 8,  Stewart Armstrong 3. Total: 18.

Beverly Polo: Bill Ballhaus 0, Peke Gonzalez 6*, Tolito Fernández Ocampo 6, Hilario Figueras 4. Total: 16.(*replaces an injured Lucas Díaz Alberdi 6)

Palm Beach Equine: Costi Caset 5, Robbie Bilbao 5, Gringo Colombres 8, Scott Swerdlin 0. Total: 18.

Tamera: Alejandro Poma 1, Lucas Escobar 3, Diego Cavanagh 9, Luis Escobar 5. Total: 18.



Wednesday 20, 3pm:  Beverly Polo 11-10 Aspen

Thursday 21, 3pm:  Palm Beach Equine 10-7 Tamera

Sunday 24, 3pm:  Aspen 10-8 Palm Beach Equine

Tuesday 26, 3pm:  Tamera 14-10 Beverly Polo

Saturday 30, 3pm:  Beverly Polo vs. Palm Beach Equine

Sunday 31, 3pm:  Aspen vs. Tamera

Wednesday, 3pm: Mini Semifinal – Second vs. Third

Sunday 7 – FINALS

10am  Ylvisaker Subsidiary Cup: Fourth vs. Loser mini semi

3pm  Ylvisaker Cup Final: First placed team vs. Winner of mini semifinal