The last leg of an intense high goal season in the United States is coming up, and one of the most awaited moment of the year is approaching quickly: the decisve stages of the US Open. Although Pilot have demonstrated they are one step above the rest, no surprise must be discarded at all. In fact, 2018 has set a precedent, when Daily Racing Form defeated Valiente, with a lineup that featured no less than Adolfo Cambiaso and Facundo Pieres, and seemed completely unbeatable.


Undefeated Iconica, and Cessna, who lost to Aspen in their league game, will open fire in the upcoming quarter finals. At first sight, it is expected to be a leveled game, with no favourites. But Iconica has remained unbeaten, thanks to a perfect mix of experience – Sebastián Merlos and Matías Magrini – and youth, the latter brought by Peke Gonzalez, who is also one of the top scorers of the competition as well as he is able to make strong comebacks in every game following an eventual heavy falls, among others. On their side, Cessna is one very balanced team, with Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario as their premier player, supported by very good team mates such as Pipe Marquez and Felipe Viana, who present battle in midfield. It is expected, then, to be a close match and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the match ends up in a low scoring contest.


Aspen shouldn’t be discarded as a contender for the title, due to their good performance, that includes to have played the final of USPA Gold Cup; all this put them as serious contenders in second place. They have won all their three league games and now they will meet Tonkawa. The lineup that features the brothers-in-law, Sapo Caset and Tincho Merlos, seem to have reached their best form, as they expected at the start of the season. Jeff Hildebrand’s organisation had a good overall performance, and they only lost to Pilot by jusy one goal. Their plus is the support of Ruso Heguy as their coach.



Giving a look to those who advanced to the quarter finals, we see there have been not many surprises. But Pilot is definetly the strongest contender to the title, most of all for their organisation, results and performance. One could think this is because they have Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres in their lineup, but one thing is for sure – Matías González is definetly one player to watch, as he had an unforgettable season and, perhaps, he has been the best third man of the year so far.

Curtis Pilot’s foursome will face Daily Racing Form on Sunday morning. Despite they don’t have Hilario Ulloa, their driving force within the 2018 foursome, the defending champions managed to put a well leveled and balanced lineup together. Jared Zenni and Agustín Obregon remain from the team who won the 2018 US Open and, in addition, they played together in the last Argentine Open. They know each other to perfection and do command the defense. So Pilot should remain concentrated and play really well to beat them.


Las Monjitas have also won all their three league games. After a very promising start in The Gauntlet of Polo, that included a spot in the final of the CV Whitney Cup, Camilo Bautista’s foursome are looking forward to the rematch. The second pair of brothers-in-law, comprised by Hilario Ulloa and Francisco Elizalde, have reached their best level and are supported by a very good third player, Matt Coppola. They will play against a very difficult Equuleus lineup, who feature three very balanced professionals. The two Laprida brothers and Mariano González do know how to play all over the field and they can be capable to win if they are able to cut what Hilario Ulloa produces. Despite Las Monjitas is clearly the favourite, a win by Equuleus wouldn’t be a surprise at all. In addition, this match has some extra attraction, as it is the Sunday Game.

The order of play of the quarter finals of the US Open is the following:


10am: Iconica vs. Cessna

4pm: Aspen vs. Tonkawa


10am: Pilot vs. Daily Racing Form

3pm: Las Monjitas vs. Equuleus