La Dolfina beat La Irenita E-Movility by 10 goals to 6 to win the VI Women’s Argentine Open on Palermo’s number 2 ground on Friday, December 2. The results mean that La Dolfina, composed of British 10-goaler Nina Clarkin, Mia Cambiaso and the Fernández Araujo sisters, Milagros and Candelaria, have won the tournament more than any other team in history.


The most important ladies tournament in the world saw eight teams, between 20 and 33 goals (ladies handicap), compete. Teams are composed of some of the best players from Argentina, United Arab Emirates, United States, France and England.


La Dolfina got off to a strong start, taking a quick 3-0 lead in the first chukka, with goals by Nina Clarkin (2) and Milagros Fernández Araujo. Throughout the first half of the six chukka match, La Dolfina overwhelmed La Irenita E-Movility in such a way that by half time they reached a commanding 5-1 lead.


Things would change in the second half, with La Irenita E-Movility getting into the match. Hope Arellano and Milagros Sanchez scored one goal each in the fourth chukka to close gap. But La Dolfina only slowed down a bit; they bounced back in the fifth chukka, with remarkable goals by Mia Cambiaso and Candelaria Fernández Araujo. However, La Irenita E-Movility stayed storng, with Milagros Sanchez converting a 30-yard penalty with only 30 seconds left on the clock. In spite of that, La Dolfina was still 7-4 up with only one chukka left.


A thrilling last chukka followed. Nina Clarkin widened La Dolfina’s advantage with a penalty conversion, but La Irenita E-Movility were not about to give up that easily. With three minutes left to play in regulation time, Hope Arellano scored twice – one penalty and one field goal – to narrow the gap down to two goals. There was some time left to play to tie the game and send the match into OT, but La Irenita E-Movility’s the efforts didn’t pay off. Nina Clarkin showed no mercy at all, scoring two goals to secure La Dolfina’s the 10-6 win and their fourth title.




La Dolfina: Mía Cambiaso 7 (1 goal), Milagros Fernández Araujo 7 (2), Carina Clarkin 10 (6, 2 penalties), Candelaria Fernández Araujo 9 (1). Total: 33.

La Irenita E-Movility: Milagros Sánchez 7 (3 goals, 2 penalties), Isabelle Parsons 8, Hope Arellano 8 (3, 2 penalties), Fátima Balzano 6. Total: 29.

Score La Dolfina: 3-0, 4-0, 5-1, 5-3, 7-4, 10-6.

Umpires: Martín Aguerre & Rafael Silva.

Third man: Hernán Tasso.



MVP – Tipa y Caña Cup: Nina Clarkin.

Top scorer: Nina Clarkin (27 goals).

Fair Play: Fátima Balzano.

BPP presented by the AAP: Corazonada, ridden by Candelaria Fernández Araujo.

Best Polo Argentino Bred, Presented by the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Assn.: Dolfina Buenavida, ridden by Mía Cambiaso.

Cover photo by Matias Callejo/Prensa AAP.



League 1

La Dolfina BP: Mía Cambiaso 7, Milagros Fernández Araujo 7, Carina Clarkin 10 y Candelaria Fernández 9. Total: 33.

La Aguada Miranda Bosch: Mía Novillo Astrada 7, Azucena Uranga 6, Jazmín Dupont 5 e Inés Lalor 7. Total: 25.

Thai Polo: Sofía Rivas 5, Maitena Marré 6, Catalina Lavinia 6 y Sol López Llames 7. Total: 24.

Puerta Abierta Wolfpack Polo: Agustina Imaz 5, Clara Martínez Ferrario 5, Isabella Lyle Wolf 5 y Kyle Laura Sheehan 5. Total: 20.


League 2

La Irenita E-Movility: Milagros Sánchez 7, Isabelle Parsons 8, Hope Arellano 8 y Fátima Balzano 6. Total: 29.

El Overo Z7 UAE: Sheika Maitha Al Maktoum 4, Clara Cassino 8, Milly Hine 7 y Hazel Jackson 9. Total: 28.

La Ensenada Lancome: Pearl Venot 5, Lucie Venot 5, Luisa del Carril 5 y Elena Venot 7. Total: 22.

Las Bétulas Turmalina Polo: Mia Anne Bray 5, Catline Dixie 5, Sofía Lorenzo 5 y Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 22.