The Tournoi d’Autumne kicked things off again at Polo de Paris, after two months of no activity at the club. The tournament kicked off last weekend, with six 8-goal teams in competition. The final is scheduled for Sunday, September 16th.  


Opening weekend Results:


Kappa 6-7 Adelante

Le Pommeray 5.5-10 La Concepcion


Le Pommeray 3.5-7 Red Falcon

Adelante 5-5 La Concepcion



SAINTE MESME: Robert Ström 5, Rafael Cabezas 0, Gonzalo Bernal 3, Birger Ström 0. Total: 8.

RED FALCON: Laurent Dassault 0, Edwin Robineau 0, Ramiro Zavaleta 4, Matthieu Delfosse 4. Total: 8.

LA CONCEPCION POLO: Hanspeter Spek -1, Jules Legoubin 2, Simon Zavaleta 3, Diego Braun 4. Total: 8.

ADELANTE: Cyril Lignac -1, Lucas Nottin 2, Julien Reynes 3, Thibault Guillemin 4. Total: 8.

LE POMMERAY: V. ou C. Smith -1/0, Caroline Anier 2, Gillermo Li 4, Derek Smith 1. Total: 7/6.

KAPPA: François Kayat -1, Charles-Henri Le Galle 2, Gustavo Cappellari 4, Claudio Musso 3. Total: 8.


Tournoi d’Autumne resumes on Thursday:

7pm, at Bagatelle: Red Falcon vs Sainte Mesme


Final: Sunday, September 16th.



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