Following the wrap up of the high goal in Wellington, the United States Polo Association (USPA) unveiled the handicap changes. And indeed, the most significant changes had a lot to do with the two dominating teams of The Gauntlet of Polo – Valiente and La Dolfina. And without doubts, the most important of all was Tomás Panelo’s, perhaps the MVP of the season alongside Poroto Cambiaso. The former was raised to 10-goals, and he is the first member of the Panelo family to earn such achievement.


Meanwhile, his team mate, Rufino Merlos, who’ve just turned 17, was raised from 3 to 5; 16-years-old Paquito de Narvaez, who played for Valiente, winner of the CV Whitney Cup, MVP of the final of the US Open, and winner of the best horse string of the season, was raised from 5 to 7.


Therefore, the most important handicap changes announced by the USPA – that will become effective on May 1 2024 – are the following:



9 to 10: 

Tomás Panelo

5 to 7:

Paco De Narváez

De 3 to a 5:

Rufino Merlos



8 to 7:

Diego Cavanagh & Tomás García del Río

De 6 to 5:

Roberto Bilbao