The 125th Open de Paris Engel & Volkers kicks off on Saturday at Polo de Paris. The club, set in the heart of Bois de Boulogne, is located in the center of the City of Lights. It boasts spectacular installations and a beautiful clubhouse.


Six teams will play for the title over six matchdays, and the club will also host an incredible final day event, with all the glamour fit for Open de Paris Engel & Volkers. It is worth recalling Polo de Paris’ rich history: the club hosted the 1924 Olympics, back when polo was still part of the international competition.


Over the years, Bagatelle has welcomed the best players of the sport. One of the recent highlights came in 2009, when an 80-goal match saw Miguel Novillo Astrada, Bartolomé Castagnola, Pablo Mac Donough, Facundo Pieres, Lucas Monteverde, Marcos Heguy, Mariano Aguerre, Juan Martín Nero, Agustín Merlos and Gonzalito Pieres take to the field.


The time has come for Polo de Paris’s most prestigious tournament to take place! Get ready for a fast and fabulous ride!



LA CONCEPCION: Hanspeter Spek (cap) -1, Jules Legoubin 2, Martin Joaquin 5, Diego Braun 4.

SAINTE MESME: Robert Ström 5, Birger Ström (cap) 0, Grégorio Gelosi 4, Charlie Tighe 1.

LE POMMERAY: V & C. Smith -1/0, Charles-Henri Le Galle 2, Facundo F. Llorente 7, Derek Smith (cap) 1.

RED FALCON: Laurent Dassault (cap) 0, Lucas Nottin 2, Ramiro Zavaleta 4, Matthieu Delfosse 4.

KAZAK-OUTSIDERS: Sébastien Aguettant (cap) 0, Nicolas Desjouis (cap) 0, Patrick Primaël Paillol 5, Clément Delfosse 5.

LA MAGDELEINE: Alexandre Garese (cap) -1, Serge-Alexis Caumon 1, Pierre-Henri Ngoumou 6, Thibault Guillemin 4.


The 125° Open de Paris Engel & Volkers will kick off on Saturday:

11am, Coupe des Mousquetaires: Kazak/Outsiders vs La Magdeleine

2pm, Coupe Jacques Macaire: Sainte Mesme vs La Concepcion

3:30pm, Coupe La Palmeraie: Le Pommeray vs Red Falcon