Action for the Tournois de la Ville de Paris is due to continue thoroghout the weekend, on Saturday May 27 and Sunday May 28. The tournament, organised by the lavish Polo de París, set only ten minutes from the City of Lights,in the Bois de Boulogne, on the banks of River Seine, and also known as Bagatelle, sees seven teams up to 12 goals in participation.


The games to be played in the weekend are the penultimate leg of the qualification stage, while the remainging two matches – yet TBA – prior to the semifinals that are scheduled on Saturday June 3, are due on Thursday June 1. 


The final of the Tournois de la Ville de Paris will take place on Sunday June 4.  


The order of play for the weekend is the following:



11am: Baron d’Avella vs. Los Dragones (en Sainte Mesme)

2,30pm: Red Falcon vs. Kazak (en Bagatelle)

3,45pm: Sainte Mesme vs. Audaz (en Bagatelle)



11am: Sainte Mesme vs. Korea Polo

2,30pm: Baron d’Avella vs. Kazak

3,45pm: Red Falcon vs. Los Dragones


Tournois de la Ville de Paris – Teams & Fixture