The Rueda Final del Campeonato Nacional Intercircuitos con Handicap for the República Argentina Cup, kicked off on Wednesday April 10. With only one matchdate left on the league stage, there are already teams with clear hopes to reach the semifinals; those are El Silencio Brava, Oriental, VT Costa Esmeralda, Trenque Lauquen La Fe, La Natividad and Arelauquen who already won their two previous games. The República Argentina Cup sees sixteen teams between 16 and 27 goals, in participation.


It is worth noting that the República Argentina Cup is played on handicap and ties are permitted during the qualification stage.


The league stage of the 2024 República Argentina Cup will take place through April 1o-14; the winners of each league will qualify to semifinals, while those placed second and three in their respective leagues will clash for the Diario La Nación Cup and Copa Canada Cup, respectively.


The finals of the República Argentina Cup will take place on Saturday April 20 at Palermo. Admittance is free.


The tournament, established in 1929 by the then President of the Argentine Association of Polo (AAP), Mr. Francisco Ceballos, is remarkable because teams rated from 0 to 40 goals, from all over the country, are elegible to play.




Venado Tuerto 15-17 Velay

El Silencio Brava P. T. 19-14 Sol de Mayo Don Ercole

Trenque Lauquen La Fe 9-8 La Estacada El Refugio

Arelauquen P. C. 12-9 Cuarto Rincón El Tigre

Oriental 19-15 Media Luna

Amadeus 11-21 La Chavita

VT Costa Esmeralda 15-9 Ellerstina La Zeta

La Natividad (C. Metropolitano) 12-7 Tortugas


The games due on Sunday April 14 have been delayed due to heavy rains. New dates and times will be set once weather conditions improve. The order of play is the following:

El Silencio Brava P. T. vs. Venado Tuerto

Velay vs. Sol de Mayo Don Ercole

Arelauquen P. C. vs. Trenque Lauquen La Fe

La Estacada El Refugio vs. Cuarto Rincón El Tigre

Oriental vs. Amadeus

Media Luna vs. La Chavita

La Natividad vs. VT Costa Esmeralda

Ellerstina La Zeta vs. Tortugas