The Open du Soleil, one of the most important tournaments of the season at Saint Tropez Polo Club, kicked off on Wednesday. Nine teams, split into 10 and 18 goal categories, are in competition.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the club located on the French Riviera hosts 18-goal tournaments. Furthermore, August is a key month for the club, as the town is buzzing with of tourists and key figures of the European jet-set.

The finals of the Open du Soleil will be streamed live on PoloLine.Tv.


OPEN DU SOLEIL – 10-goals

  • Battistoni: Alessandro Barnaba -1, Pierre Jauretche 3, Nacho Garrahan 3, Juan Jauretche 5. Total: 10.
  • Saint Tropez: Corinne Schuler 0, Juan Pedro Girou 3, Michael Taylor 3, Matias Nigoul 4. Total: 10.
  • Umpires: Ben Turner & Peter Wright.


  • Dark Ice: Helen Goddard-Watts -1, Gonzalo Quesada 0T, Santiago Zubiaurre 5, Juan Martin García Laborde 4. Total: 8.
  • La Magdeleine: Alexandre Garese -1, Lucas Nottin 2, Tomás Ruiz Guiñazú 5, Thibault Guillemin 4. Total: 8.
  • Umpires: Esteban Ferrari & Alex Roldan.
  • Score Dark Ice: (1.5-0) 2.5-2, 3.5-4, 4.5-4, 5.5-5.


The Open du Soleil resumes on Saturday.


  • OPEN DU SOLEIL – 18-goals

6:30pm: Haboro VAS Polo Team vs Los Nocheros


  • OPEN DU SOLEIL – 10-goals

11am: Las Plantas vs Dark Ice

5pm: La Magdeleine vs Saint Tropez


OPEN DU SOLEIL (10): Fixture & Teams