The HPA has announced the latest handicap changes after an intense high goal season, which saw La Indiana take the Queen’s Cup and El Remanso win the Gold Cup. The changes will come into effect on January 1, 2019, and are subject to confirmation at the EOS Handicap Meeting in September and ratification by the Stewards in November.


Some of the most notable handicap raises are the following (22-Goal Handicap):

Nic Roldan 8 (La Indiana), 7 to 8.

Magoo Laprida (Valiente), 7 to 8.

James Beim (El Remanso), 6 to 7.

Tommy Beresford (Park Place), 5 to 6.

Mín Podestá (RH), 5 to 6.

Charlie Hanbury (El Remanso), 4 to 5.

Alec White (La Indiana), 4 to 5.

Byron Watson (La Bamba de Areco), 3 to 5.

Jimbo Fewster (Park Place), 2 to 3.

Poroto Cambiaso (Valiente), 1 to 2.

James McCarthy (Emlor), 0 to 2.


The most notable handicap drops are the following:

Gonzalito Pieres (Murus Sanctus), 10 to 9.

Tincho Merlos (Emlor), 9 to 8.

Facundo Sola (Murus Sanctus), 8 to 7.

Guillermo Terrera (Les Lions/Thai Polo), 8 to 7.

Santiago Toccalino (Monterosso), 8 to 7.


Complete list of handicap changes:

2018 VL Outdoor Recommendation Report

HPA EOS Handicap Meeting for All Remaining Players  


For more information, go to this link.