The Coupe Patrick Guerrand Hermes kicked off on Friday May 10, at the splendid Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, located in Apremont, France, close to Charles de Gaulle Airport and only 40 minutes away from Paris, the City of Lights. A tribute to the club’s founder, the legendary Patrick Guerrand Hermes, opens the 12-goal season in Chantilly, and sees six teams, partake.


The 12-goal calendar due at the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly includes the Polo Nations Cup, to be played through June 13-23, and will have PoloLine as official media partner for the second consecutive year.


The first results were as follows:


Friday May 10:

Rinidia 8-6 Télédou

HN 9-7.5 Eternal J

Sunday May 12:

Eternal J 6-3 Animales

Télédou 9-8 Mungo (extra chukka)

Rinidia 10-9 HN (extra chukka)


The championship match of the Coupe Patrick Guerrand Hermes will take place on Sunday May 19.



Eternal J: Jean-Claude Le Grand 0, Dorian Boulteau 3, Louis Jarrige 4, Julien Reynes 4. Total: 11.

Rinidia: Ricardo Paganelli 0, Pierre Hamelin 2, Nacho Kennedy 5, Jerónimo Fanelli 5. Total: 12.

Mungo: Patrick Einsenchteter 1, Ulysse Einsenchteter 1, Pierre-Henri N’Goumou 6, Bartolomé Bayugar 6. Total:  12. (Alt.: Edouard Badarello, 1).

Télédou: Isabelle Larenaudie 0, Jules Legoubin 3, Simón Zavaleta 5, Ramiro Zavaleta 4. Total: 11.

Animales: Agustin Emsens 0, Guillermo MacLaughlin 4, Alejo Badano 3, Francisco MacLaughlin 4. Total: 11.

HN: Haider / Babaar Naseem 0, Elena Venot 2, Hilario Ruiz Guiñazu 3, Tito Ruiz Guiñazu 7. Total: 12.



Coupe Patrick Guerrand Hermes: May 10-19.

Trophée Bourbon: May 24-June 9.

Polo Nations Cup: June 13-23.

Charity Cup: June 26-30.