The XIV Argentine Embassy Cup, which saw four 8-goal teams in competition, took place over the weekend at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand. The title was claimed by Fast Fish Mendoza, who defeated Thai Polo Buenos Aires by 6 goals to 5.5 in the final. After Sunday’s finals, a delicious asado enjoyed by all the guests.


The Argentine Embassy Cup is one of the first major tournaments in an intense 2019-2020 season at Thai Polo; action continues on December 26 with the Thai Equestrian Federation Cup. Two 14-goal competitions, the Thai Polo Open and B. Grimm Polo Masters, will be held in January.




Thai Polo Buenos Aires 5.5-6 22BR Perito Moreno

TNL Salta 2-5 Fast Fish Mendoza


FINAL: 22BR Perito Moreno 5-6 Fast Fish Mendoza

Third Place: Thai Polo Buenos Aires 5.5-7 TNL Salta

MVP: Nacho Garrahan. 

BPP: Meriland. 



FAST FISH MENDOZA: Winson Rao 0, Brian Orozco 2, Marco Focaccia 2, Rodrigo Bauzada 3. Total: 7.

TNL SALTA: J.B. Lee 0, Aron Harilela 1, Damian Marcos 3, Diego Gomez 4. Total: 8.

THAI POLO BUENOS AIRES: Harald Link 0, Luciano Tattoni 0, Juan Pedro Girou 3, Manuel Cereceda 3. Total: 6.

22BR PERITO MORENO: Claude Haberer 0, Willam Zhao 1, Juan Martin Gallego 3, Nacho Garrahan 3. Total: 7.