Action resumed at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand, this weekend, with the 2019 Thai Polo Cup 2019. The tournament saw five 6-goal teams compete.

Jogo & Maple Leaf went face to face on Saturday for a place in the final; the remaining three teams will play a round robin for the two final spots. In case 0f a draw, who beat who will apply.


Saturday Results:

Maple Leaf 4-6 Jogo

Round Robin:

22 BR 3-3 Tian Tang

Tian Tang 3-4 Thai Polo

22 BR 2-2 Thai Polo


The Thai Polo Cup will come to an end on Sunday:

9am: Maple Leaf vs Tian Tang

11am, Round Robin FINAL:

22 BR vs Jogo

22 BR vs Thai Polo

Jogo vs Thai Polo



22BR: Claude Haberer 0, Harald Link 0, Ead 1, Pedro F. Llorente 5. Total: 6:

Thai Polo: Luciano Tattoni 0, Caroline Link 0, Michael Taylor 3, Nacho Garrahan 3. Total: 6:

Maple Leaf: Claudia Zeisberger 0, Nicholas Kosmatos 0, Pierre Jauretche 3, Juan Pedro Girou 3. Total: 6.

Ace Polo Team: Liuxiang Yang 0, Eclair -2, Brian Orosco 2, Diego Gómez 4. Total: 4.

Jogo: Khairy Jamaluddin 0, Toh Muda Rizal Ramli 1, Juan Martin Gallego 2, Manuel Cereceda 3. Total: 6.


The Tournament is umpired by Steve Evans under HPA rules.