Thai Polo and Hanuman will play the championship match of the 2023 Thai Polo Open 2023, which is currently underway at Thai Polo Club, ubicado en Tailandia, located in Thailand, in South East Asia. The tournament hosted by Harald Link’s club, kicked off on Thursday January 19 and sees four teams between 9 and 10 goals, in participation. Games are played at four chukkas, under the rules of the Argentine Association of Polo (AAP), and the official umpire is Santos Anca.


In the semifinals, played on Wednesday January 25, Thai Polo claimed an impressive 5-1.5 win over B. Grimm, while Hanuman defeated 22BR 10-6.


The finals of the Thai Polo Open are due to take place on Saturday January 28. 



Thai Polo: Caroline Link 0, Luciano Tatoni 0, Agustín García Grossi 7, Juan Pedro Griou 3. Total: 10.

22BR: William Zhao 0, Claude Cleverer 0, Juan Pedro Chavanne 5, Pedro Fernández Llorente 5. Total: 10.

Hanuman: Mingming Tomongkol 0, Darío Musso 5, Nicolás Pieroni 3, Damián Marco 2. Total: 10.

B. Grimm: Harald Link 0, Rodrigo Bauzada 3, Juan Martin Gallego 3, Manuel Cereceda 3. Total: 9.



Thursday January 19 

4pm: 22BR vs. Hanuman

Friday January 20 

4pm: Thai Polo vs. B. Grimm

Saturday January 21

3pm: Thai Polo vs. 22BR

4,30pm: 22BR vs. Hanuman

Sunday January 22 

4pm: 22BR vs. B. Grimm

Monday January 23 

4pm: Thai Polo vs. Hanuman

Tuesday January 24 

Penalty shootout

Wednesday January 25 

4pm: Semifinal #1

Thursday January 26 

4pm: Semifinal # 2

Saturday January 28 

2,30pm: Final Thai Polo Open

4pm: Subsidiary Final


Cover photo by Matias Callejo.