Action at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand, will resume on Saturday when a new edition of the Stephan Chimfunshi Cup kicks off. A total of 4 teams up to 10 goals will be in competition. 


Besides, it’s worth noticing that the tournament forms part of the Thai Polo League, which features four 10-goal competitions: the Thai Equestrian Federation Cup (Dec. 28 – Jan. 5), the Stephan Chimfunshi Cup (Feb. 8-16), the Thai Polo Cup (Mar. 5-14) and La Posta Cup (Mar. 27-29).


The finals of the Stephan Chimfunshi Cup are scheduled for Sunday, February 16th.



THAI POLO: Harald Link 0, Juan Pedro Girou 3, Michael Taylor 3, Sylvinho Coutinho 4. Total: 10.

TNL: Aron Harilela 1, Gines Bargalló Jr. 1, Damián Marcos 3, Hissam Hyder 5. Total: 10.

22BR: William Zhao 1, Claude Haberer 0, Ignacio Garrahan 3, Pedro Fernández Llorente 5. Total: 9.

LA FAMILIA: Mohamed Moiz 0, Cupita 1, Shaik Reismann 2, Ginés Bargalló 4. Total: 10.


The Stephen Chimfunshi Cup will kick off on Saturday, February 8th:

3pm: TNL vs 22BR

4:15pm: Thai Polo vs La Familia



In 1995, the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust (CWOT) was established to ensure and protect the long term future of the sanctuary. This now comprise the Orphanage where individuals are integrated into social groups; and the Project where family groups enjoy relative freedom in 200 and 300 acre enclosures.


In 2002, an education centre was built to provide a facility to teach the youth of Zambia about ecology and wildlife conservation. The centre is also used by local and international students researching chimpanzee behaviour, plant biology, birdlife and ethnic studies. The trust bears the cost of bringing groups of under privileged children to Chimfunshi, while those from affluent societies are charged a moderate fee to cover expenses.



To rescue, rehabilitate and provide lifelong care of primates and release local wildlife and to promote awareness and education to the community for protection of the environment in the collaboration with local and international institutions.


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