A new edition of the Thai Polo Open, the most important tournament played at the Thai Polo Club, in Pattaya, kicks off on Friday, January 12. Six teams up to 12 goals will compete. Team organisations hail from places like as Thailand, Maylasia and China, and are complemented by top Argentine players, such as Agustín García Grossi, Darío Musso and Tomas Fernández Llorente.

As usual, the final day will be an amazing event, with several activities, and of course, the a thrilling match. Exclusive transmission via PoloLine.Tv.

Axus: Brian Xu 0, Diego Gómez 3, Damián Marco 3, Darío Musso 6.
Thai Polo: Harald Link 0, Caroline Link 0, Carlos Pando 5, Rauli Laplacette 6.
Royal Pahang: HH Tengku Muhammad 0, HH Tengku Amir Nasser 1, Tomás Gándara 5, Tomasito Fernández Llorente 7.

22BR: William Zhao 0, Claude Haberer 0, Flaco García Grossi 7, Pedro Fernández Llorente 5.
La Familia: Mohamed Moiz 1, Shaik Reismann 2, Agustín Andrada 4, Ginés Bargalló 5.
Fast Fish: Winson Rao 0, Rodrigo Bauzada 3, Miguel Díaz 5, Nico Pieroni 4.

The order of play for Friday’s opening matchday will be as follows:
3pm: La Familia vs Fast Fish
4:30pm: Thai Polo vs Axus.

The final is due on Saturday, January 20.