A new edition of San Eugenio Ladies Cup was presented at La Martina’s flagship store in Buenos Aires on Tuesday. The tournament is set to take place in Lobos. Morgan Van Overbreok and Sebastien Le Page (owners of Polo Park Zurich) announced the six teams competing.

The tournament begins on Thursday, March 15, and will be played with the new AAP approved rules (that were enforced in January). The final is scheduled for Saturday, March 17, and will be followed by a big closing party.


Brava Polo Team: Milagros Sanchez 6, Clelia Crespo 3, Ann Rodger 2, Verónica Posse 1. Total: 12.

Matryoshka Polo Team: Lía Salvo 9, María Seculini 2, Raya Sidorenko 1, Zhanna Bandurko 0. Total: 12.

Brava Polo Team 2: Mumy Bellande 6, Farida Rosso Baldacchino 4, Esperanza Uranga 1, Azucena Uranga 1. Total: 12.

La Araucaria/Escorihuela: Verónica Magnasco 4, Ginevra D’Orazio 4, Paolina Nazarova 2, Clara Martínez Ferrario 1. Total: 11.

El Metejón: Sol López Llames 5, Alice Servaes 3, Fleur Van Andel 3, Catalina Lavinia 0. Total: 11.

Polo Park Zurich: Clara Cassino 7, Lucía Podestá 3, Maitena Marre 2, Morgan Van Overbroek 0. Total: 12.