La Natividad, with a lineup that included the legendary Lolo Castagnola, defeated La Dolfina Dr 2U by 13 goals to 8 score to win the San Jorge Open, the first competition of the Argentine Spring Season. The final took place on Palermo’s number two ground, on Friday, September 24.

While Joevy Beh’s foursome got off to a slightly better start, La Natividad seized the reins from the second chukka onwards, led by a lethal Barto Castagnola, who scored no less than eight goals.

The tournament saw three teams, between 27 and 28 goals, compete.



La Natividad: Lucas Monteverde Jr. 5 (2 goals), Poroto Cambiaso  8 (3), Bartolomé Castagnola Jr 9 (8, four penalties), Bartolomé Castagnola 6. Total: 28.

La Dolfina Doctor 2U: Joevy Beh 4 (5, two penalties), Tomás Panelo 6 (1), Francisco Elizalde 9 (1), Facundo Sola 9 (1). Total: 28.

Score La Natividad: 1-2, 4-3, 5-4, 9-4, 12-5, 13-8.

Umpires: Gonzalo López Vargas & Martín Goti.

Third Man: Juan José Díaz Alberdi.


A plaque was presented to James Beh by the President of the Argentine Association of Polo, Delfin Uranga, in recognition for his contribution to polo.

BPP awarded by the Argentine Polo Association: Dolfina Melina, ridden by Lolo Castagnola.

Best Polo Argentino Bred, awarded by the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Assn.: Chalo La Niña Loli, ridden by Barto Castagnola.

Photo by Matías Callejo/Prensa AAP.



La Natividad: Lucas Monteverde Jr. 5, Adolfo Cambiaso Jr. 8, Bartolomé Castagnola Jr 9, Bartolomé Castagnola 6. Total: 28.

La Dolfina Doctor 2U: Joevy Beh 4, Tomás Panelo 6, Francisco Elizalde 9 y Facundo Sola 9. Total: 28.

La Dolfina BP: James Beh 0, Alejo Taranco 8,  Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Diego Cavanagh 9. Total: 27.



  • Sunday, September 19

La Dolfina Dr 2U 11-9 La Dolfina BP

  • Tuesday, September 21

La Natividad 14-10 La Dolfina BP

  • Friday, September 24

La Natividad 13-8 La Dolfina Doctor U2