Last weekend, the Argentine Day Polo Cup was held at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand. Four teams partook in the tournament, which was held over two action-packed days.


The most notable aspect of the tournament was Argentina’s presence in Thailand, and the positive relationships between the two countries. The tournament was a celebration —Argentine and Thai flags lined the club— and many Argentine brands, that are based in Thailand, shared their products at the event. It was a typical Argentine weekend, with plenty of meat and wine, which aimed to promote polo and the huge industry behind it.


To further emphasise the bond between the countries, the name of each team referenced the spectacular travel destinations that can be experienced in the South American country. To conclude, the final was followed by a traditional tango show and a delicious asasdo.



DAY 1:

Buenos Aires/Thai Polo 6-4.5 Iguazú

Salta/Maple Leaf 10-5 Perito Moreno/Mulia Polo


Salta/Maple Leaf 7-5 Buenos Aires/Thai Polo

Perito Moreno/Mulia Polo 8.5-5 Iguazú



1- Salta/Maple Leaf

2- Buenos Aires / Thai Polo

3- Perito Moreno / Mullía Polo

4- Iguazú


MVP: Caroline Link.

BPP: Piano, owned by Aron Harilela and played by Damian Marcos.

Umpire: Negro Ferrari.



Perito Moreno/Mulia Polo: Ym Dato Muadzam Shah 0, Dato Haniff Borhan -1, Adil Gulam 1, Huzaini Yunus 3. Total: 3.

Salta/Maple Leaf: David Munro -1, Lautaro Maza 0, Juan Martín Gallego 2T, Damián Marcos 3. Total: 4.

Buenos Aires/Thai Polo: Caroline Link 0, Luciano Tattoni 0, Santiago Bachmann 1, Juan Pedro Girou 3. Total: 4.

Iguazú: Daryl Yeap 0, Stewart Hawkins -1, Worajit Wongkraso 1, Nacho Garrahan 3. Total: 3.


Action continues this weekend at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club with La Posta Cup, where 6-8 goal teams will compete.