The Tournoi d’Autumne resumed on Saturday at Polo de Paris with the last two qualification matches at Bagatelle and at Sainte Mesme. The tournament sees six 8-goal teams in competition.

Sainte Mesme beat Adelante and will be playing two finals on Sunday, as they also qualified for Chantilly’s Open de France final. On the other hand, La Concepcion defeated Red Falcon and they will be playing their seventh final of the season.


Tournoi d’Autumne – Saturday results:

Coupe Santa Fe: Kappa 6-7.5 Le Pommeray

Coupe Chacabuco: Adelante 5-6 Sainte Mesme

Coupe San Pedro: La Concepcion 7-4 Red Falcon



SAINTE MESME: Robert Ström 5, Rafael Cabezas 0, Gonzalo Bernal 3, Birger Ström 0. Total: 8.

LA CONCEPCION POLO: Hanspeter Spek -1, Jules Legoubin 2, Simon Zavaleta 3, Diego Braun 4 (Martín Joaquín 4). Total: 8.

RED FALCON: Laurent Dassault 0, Edwin Robineau 0, Ramiro Zavaleta 4, Matthieu Delfosse 4. Total: 8.

ADELANTE: Cyril Lignac -1, Lucas Nottin 2, Julien Reynes 3, Thibault Guillemin 4. Total: 8.

LE POMMERAY: V. ou C. Smith -1/0, Caroline Anier 2, Gillermo Li 4, Derek Smith 1. Total: 7/6.

KAPPA: François Kayat -1, Charles-Henri Le Galle 2, Gustavo Cappellari 4, Claudio Musso 3. Total: 8.


Umpire: Martín Aguerre.


The Tournoi d’Autumne comes to an end on Sunday:

10:30am, Fifth Place Match: Kappa vs Le Pommeray

12pm, FINAL TOURNOI D’AUTUMNE: La Concepcion vs Sainte Mesme

1pm, Third Place Match: Adelante vs Red Falcon