The Hurlingham Polo Association also announced on Wednesday (May 13th) the procedures for exercising, training, and polo activities. They stated the following:


Clubs shall adhere to the Government C-19 guidance as described at the time in general. These may change at short notice. The HPA will be issuing the following Directive:

“No member of the HPA shall be allowed to exercise, take part in training or to play polo or go to an affiliated club unless they have been symptom-free for the last 14 days, nor been in contact with anyone who has those symptoms (except in a professional capacity as a doctor, nurse, or allied health professional). This also applies to any person working for or supporting the said member who shall be responsible for ensuring that they comply with this Directive and any other rules in force for Covid-19.”


The requirement for social distancing and strict hygiene protocols continues as does a policy of no gatherings.


Any training or practice shall involve no contact and shall be limited to 5 persons in total on any one ground at any one time.



Clubs may wish to appoint a “C-19 Club Official” to coordinate club responsibilities for the various mandatory measures as set out below:



-Source/supply appropriate hygiene and cleaning equipment.

-Display and communicate hygiene protocols.

-Position cleaning material at necessary locations.

-Regularly disinfect high risk areas and contact zones.


On training days:

-Check for visual signs of C-19. No entry for attendees showing C-19 S&S.

-Log declarations and liability waivers for all attendees.

-Have a vehicle separation and parking policy to ensure social distancing measures can be met.

-Ensure 2m social distancing can be maintained in high risk areas such as pony lines, washdown areas, loos, team tents.

-Where social distancing measures cannot be applied or are difficult, restrict their use and require persons to wear face masks.

-Space training to allow time for safe entry, unboxing, boxing and exit of traffic/players/grooms.



-Complete C-19 Risk assessment for the club and its different grounds at Annex A (to follow).

-Be in position to provide individual club statistics on accidents requiring patient transport/treatment by NHS to all chukkas/activities played in 2019 and in previous years if available.



Each vehicle should have its own hand sanitiser displayed on entry and used on getting out of the  vehicle and each attendee their own face mask, also displayed on entry.




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