La Aguada and Trenque Lauquen-Thai Polo qualified for the semifinals of the República Argentina Cup following the last league matches played on Sunday, March 28, at Pilar and Palermo. The tournament is the most prestigious of the Argentine Autumn season, played at the Argentine Association of Polo in Pilar, and at Palermo.


The wins gained La Aguada and Trenque Lauquen-Thai Polo a place in the semis alongside Sauveterre Monterosso and Cuatro Vientos.


The República Argentina Cup was established in 1929. It is considered the most prestigious tournament of the Autumn season, as teams from all over the country are elegible to play this unique competition, which invites teams rated from 0 to 40 goals to compete. The final stage is played between Palermo and the AAP grounds in Pilar, while the final takes place at Palermo. It is worth noting that the República Argentina Cup is played on handicap, and ties are permitted during the qualification stage.


This edition marks the comeback of this remarkable tournament after it was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The last team to win the República Argentina Cup was La Esquina, back in 2019.


This year, the República Argentina Cup sees sixteen teams, up to 26 goals, compete. Teams are broken down into four leagues. Top players–such as 10-goaler Pelón Stirling, Guillermo Terrera, Cubi Toccalino, Iñaki Laprida, Jero del Carril, Alfredo Bigatti, Mín Podestá, Diego Araya, and AAP President Eduardo Novillo Astrada (who will be playing alongside his son, Cruz)–are set to compete.


The República Argentina Cup final has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 1.


Results – Sunday, March 28: 


Arelauquen P. C. – Patagonia Polo 13-10 San Francisco de Asís – La Irenita 

Trenque Lauquen – Thai Polo 13-10 La Justina 

Argentine Association of Polo Headquarters, Pilar

La Violeta – Synergy Cloning 19-6 La Baguala – Tapia 

La Aguada 18-9 Ivi Maray – Black Hound  


The semifinals of the República Argentina Cup will take place on Tuesday, March 30, at the AAP in Pilar: 


12pm: Sauveterre P. & C. C. – Monterosso vs. Cuatro Vientos

2pm: La Aguada vs. Trenque Lauquen – Thai Polo 


 LA NACIÓN CUP (second place)

12pm: Ivi Maray – Black Hound vs. La Justina

2pm: Coronel Suárez vs. Betania 


CANADA CUP (third place)

10am: Chapaleufú – El Tilo vs. MediaLuna

10am: Arelauquen P. C. – Patagonia Polo vs. La Violeta – Synergy Cloning.