The Open du Soleil resumed at Saint Tropez Polo Club on Thursday. The tournament sees a total of ten teams, divided in two categories, in participation (18 and 10 goals). In the latest 18-goal match, ERG beat Amanara to claim their third consecutive win in the competition. The final of the category will be set after Friday’s matches between Chateau d’Aulne and Las Plantas.




ERG: Scott Wood 0, Santiago Zubiaurre 5, Polito Pieres 9, Esteban Panelo 4. Total: 17.

Amanara: Nicky Sen 0, Rulo Trotz 4, Gonzalo Pieres 10, Matías Nigoul 4. Total: 18.


The Open du Soleil resumes on Friday:

10am, 10-Goal Category: Saint Tropez vs VT Wealth Management

11am, 10-Goal Category: Battistoni vs La Magdeleine

6pm, 18-Goal Category: Las Plantas vs Chateau d’Aulne


OPEN DU SOLEIL (18): Fixture & Teams

OPEN DU SOLEIL (10): Fixture & Teams



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