The Open de France resumed on Tuesday at Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, with two matches. The prestigious tournament is one of the highlights of the 2020 international polo calendar. This year the competition is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. A high number of teams, composed of top national and international players, are fighting for the title. 


First up, Amanara took on Sainte Mesme, where Nicky Sen’s team came out all guns blazing to take the victory. Next, it was time for the much-anticipated clash between the Castagnola brothers, Barto (Les Lions Panarea) vs. Jeta (Talandracas). And they didn’t disappoint.


Both teams played a at a very high level, resulting in a total of 28 goals being scored throughout the match. It was fantastic entertainment for those who saw the match live in Chantilly, but also for the thousands of viewers watching live on PoloLine TV.


All Open de France matches are streamed LIVE on PoloLine TV HERE.



AMANARA: Nicky Sen 0, Segundo Condesse Stanga 3 (2 goals), Santiago Chavanne 7 (3), Santiago Laborde 6 (4). Total: 16.

SAINTE-MESME: Robert Strom 5 (1 goal), Birger Strom 0 (1), Clemente Zavaleta 7 (1), Santiago Araya 4 (1). Total: 16.

Score Amanara: 2-1, 5-1, 8-2, 9-3, 9-4.

Umpires: Gastón Lucero & Rafael Silva.



LES LIONS PANAREA: Aristide Faggionato 1, Dillon Bacon 2 (1 goal), Barto Castagnola 8 (7), Tommy Beresford 6 (7). Total: 17.

TALANDRACAS: Camilo Castagnola 7 (10 goals), Nick Rogerson 1, Francisco Elizalde 8 (3), Edouard Carmignac 0. Total: 16.

Score Les Lions Panarea: (0-1) 1-5, 4-9, 9-9, 13-12, 15-14.

Umpires: Rafael Silva & Nicolás Scortichini.


The Open de France continues on Friday:

1pm: Majoa Paris vs Sainte Mesme 

3pm: Amanara vs Talandracas

4:30pm: Les Lions Panarea vs Marquard Media