The Open de France, one of the most prestigious tournaments in Europe, is set to resume on Friday at Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly with the semifinals. This year, eight 16-goal teams fought for the title.  


The first semifinal will see Les Lions Panarea, who remain unbeaten in the tournament, take on Marquard Media. While Les Lions Panarea are current favourites, Marquard Media has much experience playing in France. The two teams faced each other previously in the tournament, in a match that resulted in a victory 12-9 victory for Dillon Bacon’s team. Next, Talandracas and Amanara will face each other once again in the second semifinal. Their first clash resulted in a 10-9 win for Edouard Carmignac’s team, so this match is expected to be as thrilling as ever. 


All Open de France matches are streamed LIVE on PoloLine TV HERE.



LES LIONS PANAREA: Aristide Faggionato 1, Dillon Bacon 2, Barto Castagnola 8, Tommy Beresford 6. Total: 17.

MARQUARD MEDIA: Ignacio Kennedy 4, Jota Chavanne 5, Martin Aguerre 7, Tommy Rinderknecht 0. Total: 16.



4:30PM (France, local time)

3:30PM (United Kingdom)

10:30AM (East time United States)

11:30AM (Argentina)

6:30PM (United Arab Emirates)

9:30PM (Thailand)



TALANDRACAS: Camilo Castagnola 7, Nick Rogerson 1, Francisco Elizalde 8, Edouard Carmignac 0. Total: 16.

AMANARA: Nicky Sen 0, Segundo Condesse 3, Santiago Chavanne 7, Santiago Laborde 6. Total: 16.



6PM (France, local time)

5PM (United Kingdom)

12PM (East time United States)

1PM (Argentina)

8PM (United Arab Emirates)

11PM (Thailand)