The medium goal Silver Cup came to an end on Friday in Sotogrande, and now the Gold Cup is ready for action in all three categories. Five 20 goal teams are taking part in the high goal series of the tournament.


Latest results:

La Indiana 12-11 Bardon


The high goal Gold Cup resumes on Saturday:

5:30pm: Lechuza vs La Indiana

6:30pm: Dos Lunas vs Bardon


The final is scheduled for Friday, August 31st.


COPA DE ORO (HIGH-GOAL): Fixture & Teams




Last results:

FINAL: Ayala 16-10 Sainte Mesme


Ayala: Iñigo Zobel 0, Tomas Iriarte 4, Lucas James 7, Santiago Gomez Romero 3.

Sainte Mesme: Sterling Giannico 3, Robert Ström 4, Clemente Zavaleta 7, Rafael Cabezas 0.


The Medium-Goal Gold Cup will start on Sunday at Santa Maria Polo Club. Seven 14 goal teams are set to compete.




The Low-Goal Gold Cup will kick off on Saturday. Five 6 goal teams are will partake. 

11am: Sotoisola vs Brunei

12:15pm: Aguilas vs La Isla