From January 11, the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club will host the National Club Championships, an Arena Polo tournament, which will feature a total of five 15-goal teams in participation. The competition will be played under the HPA’s Arena Polo rules. The final is scheduled for Sunday, January 21.

Sifani: Hilali Noordeen 1, Mikey Henderson 6, Ryan Pemble 8. Total: 15.
Four Quarters: Simon Arber 1, Richard Tyrone 8, Tom Morley 6. Total: 15.
Tchogan: Heiko Voelker 2, Howard Smith 6, Sebastian Dawnay 7. Total: 15.
Regal Warriors: Raph Singh 2, Grant Collett 4, Max Charlton 9. Total: 15.
GA Pololine: Eric Appen 2, Ed Morris-Lowe 5, Nacho Gonzalez 8. Total: 15.

Thursday, January 11:
11am: Four Quarters v La Cantina GA
12:15pm: Tchogan v Sifani
Saturday, January 13:
1:30pm: Sifani v Regal Warriors
Tuesday, January 16:
1:30pm: La Cantina GA v Tchogan
Wednesday, January 17:
12:15pm: Regal Warriors v Four Quarters
Thursday, January 18:
1:30pm: Penalty Shoot-Out (If necessary).
Friday, January 19:
12:30pm: 1st vs 4th
1:45pm: 2nd vs 3rd
Sunday, January 21:
11am: Subsidiary Final
2pm: Final