The semifinals of the Maserati high goal Gold Cup took place today at Santa Maria Polo Club. After their respective wins, La Indiana and Lechuza Caracas have qualified for the final.



Latest results:

Lechuza Caracas 10-9 Dubai (OT)

La Indiana 13-9 Bardon


The final is due on August 31 and it will be streamed live via PoloLine.Tv.

High Goal Gold Cup: Fixture & Teams



Latest results:

MB POLO 14-6 Marques Riscal

Ayala 13-10 Royal Salute

Cotton House 13-11 Golden Goose

Sainte Mesme 12-11 Marques Riscal

Cotton House 10-13 Royal Salute

Golden Goose 12-13 Sainte Mesme


Action will resume on Wednesday with the semifinals.

5pm: Ayala vs Royal Salute

6:30pm: Sainte Mesme vs MB Polo


The final is due on September 1st.

Medium Goal Gold Cup: Fixture & Teams



Latest results:

Brunei 10-9 La Isla

La Esperanza 11-9 Sotoisola


The tournament will resume on Thursday with the semifinals:

11am La Esperanza vs Sotoisola

12:15pm: Brunei vs La Isla


The final is scheduled for September 1st.

Low Goal Gold Cup: Fixture & Teams