The first league of the season at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club witnessed four teams compete for the trophy in a week-long tournament. At the final match, Lamar Polo quickly taking over against its opponent, Dubai Wolves, and the team carved a 2.5 goal advantage by halftime. The team took off past halftime with subsequent goals from Guillermo Li. The Dubai Wolves delivered 2 goals at the final chukker, but the significant lead of Lamar Polo was enough for them to take home the trophy as the league’s champion, closing it at 7 goals to 4.5.


Phillip D’Amat, General Manager of Al Habtoor Polo Resort, awarded the teams of the day with Guillermo Li as the Most Valuable Player and Picaflor, ridden and owned by Khalid Alomran, as the Best Playing Pony.


Also, the AHPRC League 2022 saw AM Polo go against Ghantoot Polo at the Subsidiary Final, with Nasser Al Shamsi scoring the first goal for Ghantoot. The team dominated the first chukker with AM Polo nicking two goals before halftime. Ghantoot Polo maintained its 1.5 goal lead during the penultimate chukker and sealed the win until the final buzzer at 7 goals against 5.5.


The AHPRC League in November 2022 was sponsored by Etihad Global Hospitality and Dilawar Technical Services.



LAMAR: Rayyan Al Ajaji 0, Facundo Kelly 2, Khalid Alomran 0, Guillermo Li 4. Total: 6.

DUBAI WOLVES: Kim Roche -1, Habtoor Al Habtoor 1, Justo Cuitiño 3, Juanji Díaz Alberdi 3. Total: 6.

MVP: Guillermo Li.
BPP: Picaflor, ridden and owned by Khalid Alomran.



GHANTOOT: Yousef Bin Desmal 1, Ali Al Merri 1, Nasser Al Shamsi 1, Oscar Colombres 3. Total: 6.

AM POLO: HH Sheikha Alia Al Maktoum 0, Tariq Al Habtoor 1, Marcelo Junco 2, Víctor Paredes 2. Total: 5.