The third edition of the Victrix Ludorum Tour kicks off in England this coming weekend. The tour, composed of a series of six tournaments played at six different clubs, highlights the growth seen in women’s polo over the past few years, particularly in the UK, which can be said to boast the highest level of women’s polo in the world. Each tournament will be played in two categories: 12- and 18-goal (ladies handicap).


First up will be the International Ladies Tournament, played at Knepp Castle Polo Club, located two hours south of London. And on Monday, the prestigious British Ladies Open Championship will begin at Cowdray Park. Several world class players, such as Hazel Jackson, Lía Salvo, Nina Clarkin, Candelaria Fernández Araujo and Sarah Wiseman, will compete.


One of the most notable aspects of this female polo circuit is the way it allows both players and patrons to settle into the season, giving them time to adjust their game plan over the course of the tour. The calendar is arranged so that teams are able to play every tournament, if they decide to do so, because no matches overlap. 


A similar series of ladies tournaments is expected to take place in Argentina over the upcoming Spring season. The tour would conclude with the Women’s Argentine Open at Palermo. 


After tournaments at Knepp Castle and Cowdray Park, the Victrix Ludorum 2019 continues at Cirencester, Beaufort, Berkshire and Guards.



15-18 GOAL:

Cowdray Vikings: Lila Pearson 2, Hannah Parry Jones 3, Lottie Lamacraft 6, Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 18.

La Rosada: Sam Buckles 4, Sarah Hughes 4, Steph Haverhals 4, Byrony Taylor 6. Total: 18.

Tarantula: Celine lawrence 2, Jess Andrews 5, Heloise Wilson Smith 5, Rosie Ross 6. Total: 18.

Team Tonic: Catherine Isted 3, Rosanna Turk 4, Alice Servaes 4, Izzy McGregor 6. Total: 17.


8-12 GOAL:

Aspect Polo: Tallulah Murphy 0, TBA, Louise Brown 3, Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 12.

Las Pintadas: Alicia Woods 0, Sarah Hughes 4, Steph Haverhals 4, Neku Atawodi 3. Total: 11.

Cadence: Leigh Fisher 0, Elodie Avarguez 2, Lucy Bowman 4, Byrony Taylor 6. Total: 12. 

Coombe Place: Sophie Kenna 1, Sammy Luff 0, Dayna Waetcher 3, Lottie Lamacraft 6. Total: 10.

Polo Quarterly: Grace Marchant 1, Robyn Evans 3, Aurora Eastwood 3, Heloise Wilson Smith 5. Total: 12.

Burwood Farm: Jennifer Hazel Smith 1, S. Brown / R. Hickmet 1, Alice Gipps 3, Claire Brougham 6. Total: 11.




10am, 18 Goles: Tarantula vs Cowdray Vikings

11:30am, 12 Goles: Polo Quarterly vs Cadence

1pm, 12 Goles: Aspect Polo vs Burwood Farm

2:30pm, 12 Goles: Coombe Place vs Las Pintadas

4pm, 18 Goles: Team Tonic vs La Rosada



10am: Subsidiary Final 18-Goal

11:30am: Subsidiary Final 1 (12-Goal)

1pm: Subsidiary Final 2 (12-Goal)

2:30pm: FINAL 12-Goal

4pm: FINAL 18-GOAL



-LADIES TOURNAMENT Knepp Castle Polo Club. July 5-7.

-BRITISH LADIES OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (12-18 Goal). Cowdray Park Polo Club. July 8-20.

*British Ladies Handicap Championship (6-12 Goal). Cowdray Park Polo Club. July 8-20.

-THE CIRENCESTER LADIES 18-GOAL. Cirencester Park Polo Club. July 23 – August 3.

*The Cirencester Ladies 12-Goal. Cirencester Park Polo Club. July 23 – August 3.

-THE BEAUFORT LADIES TOURNAMENT (12-18 Goal). Beaufort Polo Club. July 29 – August 10.

*The Beaufort Ladies Tournament (8-12 Goal). Beaufort Polo Club. July 29 – August 10.

-LADIES POLO FESTIVAL (12-18 Goal). Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club. August 12 – 17.

-GUARDS LADIES CHARITY TOURNAMENT (12-18 Goal). Guards Polo Club. August 20 – 31.