The 19th Zurich International Ladies Polo Cup, hosted by Polo Park Zurich, came to an end on Sunday after two days of action. Polo was played at two levels, low and medium goal, and four teams competed in each category. The final day saw guests enjoy a spectacular lunch while watching the polo. 


19th Zurich International Ladies Polo Cup Finals Results:


Fifth Place Match Low-Goal: Jolies Filles beat Hato

Hato: Sarah Bond 0, Julia Fichter 0, Sibylle Grass 0, Andrea Keutmeier/Lea Kochli 0. Total: 0.

Les Jollies Files: Laura Vuille 2, Belén Podestá 1, Cristina de Mendieta 0, Sandra Gerber/Antonia Sturzeis 0. Total: 3.

Third Place Match Low-Goal League: La Tana Polo beat Bolle

Bolle: Larissa Ehrbar 0, Anouk Marazzi 0, Isabelle Issemann 1, Isabelle Rosch 0. Total: 1.

La Tana Polo: Kira Wetzel 1, Susanna Jahn 0, Laura Steinbach 0, Strub Sue Ann/Shiva Cosma 0. Total: 1.

FINAL LOW-GOAL: Polo Park Zurich 6.5-1 Nespresso

Polo Park Zurich: Lorena Renggli 1, Runa Kawamoto 1, Sammy Joe Strub 0, Sidney Wyler 0. Total: 2.

Nespresso: Vivian Sauter 2, Aline Haerry 1, Anja Gutbrod 0, Ina Wamser/Elizabeth Schoch 0. Total: 3.



FINAL MEDIUM-GOAL: La Mer 8-7 Laurent Perrier

La Mer: Morgan Van Overbroek 1, Verónica Magnasco 4, Irene Graff 2, Izzy McGregor 5. Total: 12.

Laurent Perrier: Natalia Corrales 0, Marieleng Jaeger Skorge 1, Lía Salvo 9, Vivian Sauter 2. Total: 12.