The Queen’s Cup Pink Polo 2018 came to an end on Saturday at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand, after an intense final day which featured activity both on and off the field. The competition is considered one of the most important women’s tournaments in the world. A total of five 14 goal teams took part in the event.

WINNER: La Familia (Nurul Noorajala, María Seculini, Sofía Lorenzo, Lía Salvo).
RUNNER-UP: La Tabita (Johanna Droste, Steffi von Pock, Constanza Marchiorello, Eva Bruhl).
3rd Place: Thai Polo.
4th Place: La Esperanza.
5th Place: Kuda Lari.
MVP: Sofía Lorenzo.
BPP: Mimo, owned by La Familia.

The next competition held at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club will be the Stephen Chimfunshi Cup, due to start on Thursday, March 8th. The tournament will see teams up to 10 goals in competition.