The Coupe D’Or, the apex of the season at Deauville, is underway at the French club. Five 16-goal teams are in competition. The final is scheduled for Sunday, August 25. 


COUPE D’OR – Latest Results:

Mungo 8-7 Barriere

Talandracas 11-9 Marques de Riscal

Mungo 8-7 Land Rover


The Coupe d’Or will resume on Thursday:

5:30pm: Barriere vs Marques de Riscal


COUPE D’OR: Fixture & Teams




The Coupe de Bronze is also underway at Deauville International Polo Club with the participation of six 8-goal teams. The finalists were set on Wednesday after La Concepcion and Las Hermanitas won their respective matches. The final is scheduled for Friday, August 23.


COUPE DE BRONZE – Semifinals:

La Concepcion 9-2 Le Grange Martin

Las Hermanitas 9-6 Red Falcon


The Coupe de Bronze will continue as follows:


4pm: Les Pachas vs ICM


2:30pm: Red Falcon vs Le Grange Martin

5:30PM, COUPE DE BRONZE FINAL: Las Hermanitas vs La Concepcion


COUPE DE BRONZE: Fixture & Teams