The 126° Argentine Open, the most important polo tournament in the world, resumed on Friday with a match on Palermo’s number two ground. The championship sees ten teams compete; La Dolfina is the highest handicapped team, boasting 40-goals. This year they are playing for their seventh consecutive title. 


Since the match between La Aguada and La Ensenada on Thursday, everybody was busy calculating the possible outcomes. But one thing was for sure: the team to lose the match between La Albertina and Cria Yatay would forfeit their spot in Palermo, and would have to play the qualification tournament in 2020.


Even though the match got off to an even start, Cria Yatay gained a 4 goal (14-10) advantage halfway through the fifth chukka. But from that point forwards, La Albertina made a great comeback and were able to win the match to qualify for next year’s Triple Crown. 



1)La Dolfina: 450 Points (3 PJ) (55 GF).

2)LD Polo Ranch: 450 Points (3 PJ) (49 GF).

3)Las Monjitas: 450 Points (3 PJ) (44 GF).

4)Ellerstina: 450 Points (3 PJ) (42 GF).

5)La Natividad: 300 Points (4 PJ) (44 GF).

6)La Albertina: 150 Points (4 PJ) (44 GF).

7)La Aguada: 150 Points (4 PJ) (43 GF).

8)La Ensenada: 150 Points (4 PJ) (39 GF).*

9)La Irenita: 150 Points (4 PJ) (36 GF).**

10)Cría Yatay: 0 Points (4 PJ) (42 GF).**


*Will play a play-off against the winner of the Camara de Diputados Cup.

**Will have to play the qualification in 2020.



La Albertina Abu Dhabi: Victorino Ruiz Jorba 6 (2 goals), Francisco Elizalde 8 (7), Ignacio Toccalino 8 (3, 2 penalties), Alfredo Cappella Barabucci 8 (5, 4 de penal y 1 de córner). Total: 30.

Cría Yatay: Valerio Zubiaurre 8 (2 goles), Tomás García del Río 7 (2), Joaquín Pittaluga 8 (7, 5 de penal), Ignacio Laprida 8 (3, dos de penal). Total: 31.

Score La Albertina Abu Dhabi: 2-3, 7-4, 8-7, 10-10, 11-14, 13-14, 15-14, 17-14.

Umpires: Gastón Lucero and Martín Pascual.                

Third man: Matías Baibiene.

Best Polo Argentino of the match: Open Ficha (Ellerstina Pícaro x Ruleta), played by Francisco Elizalde.

Nomination 1: Mega Big Bay (Open Cabernet x Grappa Big H), played by Lerín Zubiaurre. 

Nomination 2: Fina Lapine (Ellerstina Pícaro x Ellerstina Coneja), played by Cubi Toccalino. 


The Argentine Open will resume on Saturday:

5pm: La Dolfina vs La Dolfina Polo Ranch*


*The winner will qualify to the final of the 126° Argentine Open.