Sébastien Aguettant’s Kazak defeated Mungo 10-6, and won the 130th. Open de Paris, after the championship match that took place on Sunday June 30, at the Polo de Paris, also known as Bagatelle, set in the Bois de Boulogne, only 10 minutes from the center of Paris. Polo de Paris has a rich history of polo: exactly 100 years ago, the club hosted the Olympic Games, and polo was among the sports involved. Argentina was victorious, and earned the first ever Olympic Gold Medal for the country.


Kazak ran out the champions of the Open de Paris back in 2022, when they beat Sainte Mesme in the final; today, Sébastien Aguettant had his rematch, since he was unable to play back then due to an injury. The 2022 lineup had also Tomás Ferrari and Santiago Irastorza.


Sébastien Aguettant and Co. dominated the match and the scoreboard, widening the gap thoroghout the five chukkas of play. Their accurate job both in defense and attack, led Kazak to a significant 10-6 win, and their second title in France’s oldest tournament




Kazak: Sébastien Aguettant (0), Tomás Ferrari (3), Santiago Irastorza 5, Gregorio Gelosi 5 (5). Total: 12.

Mungo: Patrick Eisenchteter (1), Ulysse Eisenchteter (1), Baustista Bayugar (4), Pierre-Henri N’Goumou (6). 12.

Score Kazak: 2-0, 4-1, 7-3, 7-5, 10-6.

MVP: Gregorio Gelosi.

BPP: Open Exquisita, ridden by Gregorio Gelosi.

Umpires: Martín Aguirre & Matías Baibiene.


130th. Open de France – Teams & Fixture