The suspended final of the Monty Waterbury Cup resumed last Wednesday after several weeks of bad weather. The tournament is part of Greenwich Polo Club high goal season.



Huntsman: Dillon Bacon 1 (1 goal), Toro Ruiz 6 (5), Tomas Garcia del Rio 7 (3), Segundo Merlos 2. Total: 16.

White Birch: Chris Brant A, Tomas Schwencke 2, Mariano Aguerre 8 (3 goals), Joaquín Panelo 6 (5). Total: 16.

Score Huntsman: 0-3, 2-5, 3-5, 5-6, 6-8, 8-8, 9-8.

Umpires: Horton Schwartz and George Olivas.   Referee: Brandon Phillips.

MVP: Dillon Bacon.

BPP: Machitos Yoko, owned and played by Mariano Aguerre.




Teams and full fixture for the East Coast Open, apex of the season at Greenwich Polo Club, were announced on Friday. The competition will see four 20 goal teams compete. The final is scheduled for Sunday, September 16th.



Audi: Chris Brant A, Toro Ruiz 6, Mariano Aguerre 8, Joaquín Panelo 6. Total: 20.

Postage Stamp Farm: Annabelle Gundlach A, Brandon Phillips 4, Tomas Garcia Del Rio 7, Lerin Zubiaurre 8. Total: 19.

Iconica: Maureen Brennan 1, Peke Gonzalez 5, Matias Magrini 7, Mariano Gonzalez 7. Total: 20.

Work To Ride: Daymar Rosser 1, Kareem Rosser 2, Gringo Colombres 7, Tommy Biddle 5, Pedro Gutierrez 5. Total: 18/19.



Sunday, August 26th

3pm: Postage Stamp Farm vs Iconica

Monday, August 27th

5pm: Audi vs Work to Ride

Thursday, August 30th

2pm: Work to Ride vs Postage Stamp Farm

4pm: Audi vs Iconica

Sunday, September 2nd

10am: Work to Ride vs Iconica

3pm: Postage Stamp Farm vs Audi

Wednesday, September 5th

2 & 4pm: Semi Finals

Sunday, September 9th

10am: Tommy B. Glynn Memorial Cup

3pm: 2018 East Coast Open Final