Reigning champions, Kazak,  Korea Polo Club and Audaz were victorious over Sainte Mesme, Red Falcon and Baron d’Avella, respectively, in the second day of competition of the Tournois de la Ville de Paris, that took place on Sunday May 21. The tournament, organised by the lavish Polo de París, set only ten minutes from the City of Lights,in the Bois de Boulogne, on the banks of River Seine, and also known as Bagatelle, sees seven teams up to 12 goals in participation.


The three contests ended up with tight scores; Kazak, the current title holders need an extra chukka to secure their victory against Sainte Mesme, while Korea Polo sealed the deal over Baron d’Avella in the last chukka. Audaz, the recent winners of the Tournois de Printemps, also claimed a close 8-7 win.


The final of the Tournois de la Ville de Paris will take place on Sunday June 4.  



MATCH#1: KAZAK 7-6 SAINTE MESME (extra chukka. Venue: Sainte Mesme)

KAZAK: Sébastien Aguettant 0, Patrick Paillol  5 (4 goals), Roberto Iturrioz 2, Santiago Irastorza 5*. Total: 12.

*Subbed in by Simón Zavaleta (3 goals)

SAINTE MESME: Robert Ström 5 (4 goals), Jaime Serra 2 (1), Clemente Zavaleta Jr. 5, Elouan Badarello 0 (1). Total: 12.

Score Kazak: 2-1, 3-3, 5-4, 6-6, 6-6, 7-6.


MATCH #2: KOREA POLO 9-8 RED FALCON (Venue: Bagatelle)

KOREA POLO: Clément Delfosse 5 (2 goals), Tito Ruiz Guiñazú 7 (6), David Ko 0 (1), Jerry Kwak 0. Total: 12.

RED FALCON: Tuki Ruiz Guiñazú 4 (3 goals), Guillermo Li 4 (3), Laurent Dassault 0, Matthieu Delfosse 4 (2). Total: 12.

Score Korea Polo: 2-3, 5-5, 6-6, 9-8.


MATCH #3: AUDAZ 8-7 BARON D’AVELLA (Venue: Bagatelle)

AUDAZ: Tete Storni 5 (6 goals), Brieuc Rigaux 6 (2), Nicolas Constant 0, Come Dubois 1. Total: 12.

BARON D’AVELLA: Pierre-Henri N’Goumou 6 (4 goals), Edwin Robineau 2 (1), Louis Jarrige 4 (2), Frédéric d’Avella 0. Total: 12.

Score Audaz: 4-1, 5-3, 7-5, 8-7.



Tournois de la Ville de París, Day 2


Action will resume on Saturday May 27, with the following schedule:  

11am: Baron d’Avella vs. Los Dragones (Venue: Sainte Mesme)

2,30pm: Red Falcon vs. Kazak (Venue: Bagatelle)

3,45pm: Sainte Mesme vs. Audaz (Venue: Bagatelle)


Tournois de la Ville de Paris – Teams & Fixture