The Argentine Polo Association announced the full fixture and rosters of the upcoming San Jorge Open, which kicks off on Wednesday at Palermo. Five teams, up to 31 goals, are set to compete. All matches will take place at Palermo.



Wednesday September 4th:

2pm: Ellerstina Pilot vs La Dolfina World Polo League (Match 1)

4pm: La Dolfina Tortugas (Match 2)

Friday September 6th:

2pm: La Dolfina Valiente vs Winner Match 1 (Match 3)

Sunday September 8th:

2pm: Loser Match 1 vs Loser Match 2

4pm, FINAL: Winner Match 3 vs Winner Match 2



LA DOLFINA VALIENTE: Rob Jornayvaz 1, Pelon Stirling 10, Pablo Mac Donough 10, Juan Martín Nero 10. Total: 31.

LA DOLFINA: Poroto Cambiaso 4, Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Diego Cavanagh 8, Juan Martín Zubía 8. Total: 30.

ELLERSTINA PILOT: Curtis Pilot 0, Gonzalo Pieres 9, Nicolás Pieres 10, Facundo Pieres 10. Total: 29.

LD WORLD POLO LEAGUE: Gonzalo Ferrari 4, Guillermo Terrera 8, Jejo Taranco 8, Jero Del Carril 7. Total: 27.

TORTUGAS: Isidro Strada 7, Silvestre Hunter 3, Marcos Menditeguy 5, Tomasito Fernández Llorente 7. Total: 22.