The championship match of the 18-goal Duke of Sutherland Cup, one of the most significant tournaments of the English season, took place on Sunday June 9, at Cowdray Park Polo Club, set in Midhurst, West Sussex,


Emlor, with  Spencer McCarthy, José Araya, Max Charlton and Javier Guerrero, defeated Valhalla, by a narrow 8-7 win. Although Emlor remained in the lead thoroghout the whole match, Valhalla bounced back in the last chukka; however, the deal was said and done, and Emlor claimed their second Duke of Sutherland title, after their previous win in 2021.


It is worth to note that Emlor and Valhalla clashed during the league stage of the tournament, and Emlor was victorious.


Score  Emlor: 2-0, 3-1, 3-3, 7-3, 8-7

MVP: Javier Guerrero

BPP: Chik Pea (played by Jack Richardson)

BPP AACCP: Doña Bambina (played by C. Guerrero)