The Dubai Cup, fifth leg of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series, resumed on Friday at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club, in Dubai. The first match saw El Basha and Dubai IMMO go head to head, with Hani Jabshe scoring the golden goal to seal the win for El Basha.


Next up, AM Polo took on Ankora/Dr. A. The last chukker was extremely intense, with AM Polo defending its position and Ankora/Dr. A attempting to tie the game before the final bell. In the end, Urquiza’s penalty secured the 7-5 victory for AM Polo.


The Dubai Cup 2021 continues on Sunday: 

4pm: El Basha Polo vs. Ankora/Dr. A

5pm: Dubai IMMO vs. Habtoor Polo 


DUBAI CUP: Fixture & Teams