The AHPRC League March 2019 concluded on Friday as four teams battled it out at the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club. In spite of not so favourable weather conditions, both the subsidiary final and final were played as planned, with teams demonstrating great skill and passion for the game. Six teams took part in the week-long tournament.


PBS/Bhansali Polo claimed the Subsidiary Final title, taking the 8-4.5 win over Al Faisal polo team. The final saw Dr. A/Bangash and Kuwait Polo teams battle it out in a fierce match, but in the end Dr. A/Bangash took the 8-7 win. 


The AHPRC League is a week-long 4-6 goal tournament held every month at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort Club. It is one of the oldest tournaments in the region.



Dr.A/ Bangash 8-5 Kingpins

Al Faisal 5-6 UAE Polo

Kingpins 5-3 PBS/Bhansali

UAE Polo 3-5 Kuwait Polo

PBS/Bhansali 4-7 Dr.A/ Bangash

Kuwait Polo 6-4 Al Faisal



AHPRC LEAGUE MARCH FINAL: Dr.A/ Bangash 8-7 Kuwait Polo

Dr A/ Bangash: Dr A 0, Haider Bangash 0, Mauro Gomez 2, Tomas Iriarte 4. Total: 6.

Kuwait: Alya Awlaqi -1, Alicia Woods -1, Ariel Ponzi 2, Federico Von Potobsky 6. Total: 6.

MVP: Mauro Gómez.


SUBSIDIARY FINAL: PBS/Bhansali 8-4.5 Al Faisal

PBS / Bhansali: Petra Spanko -1, Rishi Bhansali -1, Maxi Malacalza 3, Martin Valent 5. Total: 6.

Al Faisal: HRH Sultan Al Faisal -1, Dimitry Deyneko -1, Tomas Palacios 3, Martin Gandara 5. Total: 6.


Remaining Teams:

UAE Polo: HH Sheikka Maitha 0, Lukitas Monteverde 1, Billy Healy 2, Benjamin Panelo 3. Total: 6.

Kingpins: Sheika Mosa Maktoum -1, Santos Iriarte 0, Alejandro Gowland 3, Jorge Cernadas 4. Total: 6.