The Gold Cup is underway at Santa Maria Polo Club, in Sotogrande, in all three categories: High-Goal (up to 20 goals), Medium-Goal (up to 14 goals) and Low-Goal (up to 6 goals).



The high goal Gold Cup will come to an end on Friday:
6pm, FINAL: Lechuza vs La Indiana


LECHUZA: Victor Vargas 0, Pelon Stirling 10, Juan Martín Nero 10, Marek Kanewoski 0. Total: 20.
LA INDIANA: Michael Bickford 1, Facundo Pieres 10, Santiago Gómez Romero 3, Santiago Laborde 6. Total: 20.


The final will be streamed live on Pololine TV.


COPA DE ORO (HIGH-GOAL): Fixture & Teams



The medium goal semifinals took place on Wednesday:
Ayala 13-7 Royal Salute
Sainte Mesme 10-15 MB Polo


The Subsidiary Final was played on Thursday:
Golden Goose 11-12 Cotton House


The medium goal Gold Cup will come to an end on Saturday:
6:15pm: Ayala vs MB Polo


AYALA: Iñigo Zobel 0, Tomás Iriarte 4, Lucas James 7, Santiago Gonez Romero 3. Total: 14.
MB POLO: Prince Mateen 0, Rosendo Torreguitar 2, Pablo Mac Donough 10, Matías González 2. Total: 14.


COPA DE ORO (MEDIUM GOAL): Fixture & Teams



The low goal semifinals took place on Thursday:
Brunei 8-3 La Isla
Sotoisola 10-8 La Esperanza


The low goal finals are scheduled for Saturday:
4:45pm, FINAL: Sotoisola vs Brunei
4:45pm, SUBSIDIARY FINAL: la Isla vs La Esperanza


SOTOSIOLA: Alina Kastner -1, Carlos Piñal 1, Diogo Gallego 5, Lawrence Isola 1. Total: 6.
BRUNEI: Princess Azemah 0, Huzaimi Mahari 0, Farid Abdullah 0, Facundo Fernández Llorente 6.  Total: 6.


COPA DE ORO (LOW GOAL): Fixture & Teams